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Kristen Hebenton
Owner & Trainer

Why did you choose a career in fitness?


Honestly, it chose me. I started off as a Lifeguard and swim instructor in high school and through a series of events here I am today!  Highlights in my career have been the opportunity to travel the world teaching fitness to instructors in clubs, studios and wellness centers, making exercise videos, developing world class workout programs that are still licensed around the world today, working at NIKE WHQ but also teaching classes and affecting lives right here in Gresham. My career has spanned over 20 years and I cannot imagine doing anything else.


What is your favorite way to workout? 


In a group! I love the group dynamic, the support and the atmosphere, the high-fives and when its over the look of achievement from everyone. It’s this look of “yeah, we just did that!” 


When you aren’t at the Studio where and what are you doing?


I am hanging out with my two amazing humans and my fur baby! I have two children, Devon and Brooklyn who have always been my motivation and perspiration! We’ve recently adopted a Siberian Husky, Blue, who completes our family. We’re all pretty active and often are enjoying the benefits of our fitness.


What’s one thing you’d like to say to anyone reading this who isn’t a member of CF+Y?


I would want to get the message across that we are a community of people who care not only about what we do, but why we do it. When you exercise regularly you don’t just feel better, you feel better about yourself. And in turn you’re a better Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Friend, Employee….human. I really do believe that spending one hour of your life in our studio makes the other 23 even better.

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John Lindala
Trainer owner, Lindala PT.

Why did you choose a career in fitness?


I was always destined for a fitness career even though it took a circuitous route to get here.  Growing up I was the big kid.  Close to my 15th birthday I was at track practice and saw someone pole vault for the first time.  I was blown away and wanted to try it.  My coach at the time made a comment that changed the course of my life by replying “son, fat doesn’t fly.”  That day I decided to make a change.  During the next 6 months I started studying exercise and nutrition.  I pushed myself daily to be the athlete I wanted to be.  6 months to the day later I had dropped 50 pounds and had gone from the big kid to one of the better athletes.  


That change though harsh pushed me to where I am today.  I have gone on to get a master’s degree in performance enhancement and injury prevention.  I have published a book and consult regularly with a major exercise equipment manufacturer.  During my career I have had the pleasure to work with recovering cancer patients, pre/post-natal clients, regular worker outers, and athletes of all levels including in multiple professional sports.  My goal now is to be the resource in other people’s lives that enables them to make the drastic changes I accomplished.


What is your favorite way to workout? 


I love a challenge, the harder the challenge is the more motivated I am to finish it.  Whether it is hill sprints, burpees, or a crazy race, you can count me in if it is going to be hard.


When you aren’t at the Studio where and what are you doing?


I am taking care of my little girl Sienna, spending time with my wife Lindsay, playing with our pets, reading, watching the Dallas Cowboys play football, or enjoying some delicious food and drinks.


What’s one thing you’d like to say to anyone reading this who isn’t a member of CF+Y?


Know that accomplishing fitness goals is not an easy task.  There will be triumphs but there also will be equally as many setbacks.  That is part of being human.  The way to succeed long term is to surround yourself with an environment that enables you to grow and change for the better.  Come join us and let me take on the burden of figuring out the next steps for you.  It is what I do every day and I am great at my job.  That way, you can just be you and enjoy the journey.  I will take on the heavy lifting to get you to where you want to be.  


What quote would your clients say sums you up?


“You’re welcome!”

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